“The RWS Foundation believes in the power of music and its essential role in our lives. Music breathes soul into the universe, brings beauty into our world, and sends the mind and imagination soaring. Whenever and wherever humans have existed, so has music. It’s part of our shared experience!”

Robert W. Smith

Find Your Voice

Music education is much more than learning how to read music, sing, or play an instrument. It’s about discovering who we are and how we want to be in the world. Music is a means of expressing our own unique voices. What we learn not only helps us achieve in school, but benefits us throughout our lives. Looking back as adults, many of us can trace the skills we use in our careers every day to the lessons we learned in our music classes.

Music education empowers students to find their own unique voice and place in the world. Like learning a language, it’s an essential part of human growth and development.

Music students learn their value as individuals through their interaction and cooperation with others. Alternative perspectives and cultural diversity are celebrated through music, providing students the opportunity for personal expression while also learning and appreciating different points of view.

Share Your Voice

All students should have access to a quality music education, where they can develop and share their voices with the world. Unfortunately, under-funded music programs, and the high cost of renting and purchasing musical instruments can be significant barriers.

In response, the RWS Foundation provides outreach to these students through a network of partners who believe all children deserve an opportunity to participate in a music program and experience the growth and achievement that results.

Raise Your Voice

What would a world without music be like? We’re forced to ask that question when the importance of music education is diminished in our schools and communities. The void would be felt in every dimension of our lives because music is not just about the listening experience. Music is a spark that drives creativity and innovation in all we do. Administrators and political leaders need to understand its value. The RWS Foundation connects its large network of music advocates to the issues and policies that will ensure music education continues to be a public priority.

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