Founders Circle

“Just imagine if we as parents, teachers, corporations, and citizens of a better world would come together to give the gift of music to our most precious resource – our children”

Robert W. Smith

Members of this lifetime group make a one-time financial commitment of $1,000 to the RWS Foundation. These funds will help us launch our public campaigns.

If you are one of the many performers, music industry leaders, educators, students, advocates, and entrepreneurs impacted by the life and work of Robert W. Smith, or someone who cares passionately about the importance of music education, become a member of our Founders Circle today by committing $1,000 toward the successful launch of the Robert W. Smith Foundation for Music Education!

Founders Circle Members

  • Robert W. & Susan L. Smith
  • Michael and Brenda Nakasone
  • Keith McKeehan
  • James & Kassie Newman
  • Derek S. Watson & Megan O’Neill
  • Jeremy & Laura Morse
  • James Newman

801 S Olive Ave Suite 206
West Palm Beach, FL 33401